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Winter Update and Seasons Greetings

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This has been a transformative year for our GO family and Oakland public schools. Check out our holiday newsletters linked below!

As we look back, several highlights stand out:

  • We helped elect three strong leaders to the school board. With input from nearly one hundred members of our network, we endorsed three candidates. Then, our community helped ensure these leaders were elected. Almost 400 individuals made financial contributions. More than 300 volunteers made over 64,000 phone calls and knocked on over 11,500 doors. On Election Day, each of the candidates won in landslide elections.
  • We helped pass Measure J with over 84 percent of the vote, which will provide $475 million to ensure our kids have safe, modern school facilities and access to healthy meals.
  • GO joined the All Kids coalition that successfully called on our school board to give all school communities more local decision-making power. This new policy, passed unanimously by the school board in April, will empower parents and educators to help develop high quality, full-service community schools in every neighborhood.
  • In addition, GO Leadership Center (1) launched a Teacher Policy Fellowship, (2) began convening partners to publish an annual progress report on student outcomes, and (3) commissioned a study on the policies and practices in OUSD that impact teaching effectiveness. These three projects will be a big part of the GO Leadership Center's work in 2013.
Click here to read more in GO Leadership Center's 2012 Holiday Newsletter.

Click here to see photos from the 2012 campaign, and a list of those who donated.

We have momentum. In 2013, we need to take collective responsibility, accelerate the pace of improvement, and focus on results for children.

Your financial support enables us to engage with Oaklanders, advocate for what matters most to students, and build an organization that creates positive change for Oakland's children.

Our mission is our name. We're working to earn it every day. Please consider making a monthly contribution of $5 or more toward our shared vision and efforts this holiday season.

Wishing you and yours happy holidays and a peaceful new year.
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    Join the education community at this annual event and support great leaders in Oakland public schools!

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