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GO Public Schools focuses on the critical issues that are facing public education in the City of Oakland. Our issues include:

  • Elections: Ensuring that school board leaders are effective, pragmatic, and have a sense of urgency to make tough decisions to increase quality school options for our families now. Children don't get a second chance at their education. 
  • Superintendent Selection: Oakland Unified is hiring a new superintendent in the spring of 2014 at a critical moment in the district's path toward providing a quality education for every child.
  • School Board Watch: School board meetings are where the policy, politics, and business of the district happen that affect all our schools. GO monitors school board meetings and sends out need to know information and analysis to the public to ensure a democratic, accountable school system.
  • Empowered School Communities: GO believes that resources should be pushed down to schools and schools should have the power to make decisions about funds, time, staff, and other resources because principals and teachers know best what works for their children and families.
  • Effective Teaching Campaign: GO works with teacher leaders to build a system where teaching is constantly improved and teachers receive the feedback they need to become increasingly effective and principals get the information they need to make good decisions about who is teaching our children. 

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