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Your Commitment is what makes us GO

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Oakland public schools have improved a lot in the last decade but there is still a long way to go. In 2012, Oakland ranked 144th out of 145 California districts for its graduation rate of students of color. This paints an alarming picture of the future for our students and our city. 

But by working together as a coalition of educators, parents, and community members, we have made great strides in gaining the policies and leadership we need to turn around our public schools. We need your support to continue to fight for our schools and our future.


Make a Membership Contribution 

All donors become GO Members. As a member you signal your support for a quality school for every child in our city. And you belong to a network of peers that inform our advocacy agenda and receive invitations to GO events. 

Sustaining Members provide especially vital support by making a monthly contribution to the ongoing work of changing the public education system in Oakland.

Please give your support to GO Public Schools today at the donation page.


Support our Sponsored Political Action Committee (Families and Educators for Public Education)

2014 is an election year. Our elected members of the Board of Education are responsible for overseeing $2.4 billion in public education funds over a four-year term. Through its PAC, GO will support candidates in School Board races in November.

Your support for our PAC ensures that candidates who share our values of putting students, schools, and community needs first have the resources they need to get their message out. In 2012 we supported over 300 volunteers to knock on doors and make calls to ensure broad civic participation in elections. 

To support the PAC, please visit the donation page. Every contribution makes a difference, particularly monthly sustaining contributions.  

Contributions to Great Oakland Public Schools, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, or its sponsored PAC are not tax deductible; they support our effective, citizen-based advocacy work.

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